Thierry Genay - photography - BIO


Thierry Genay, graduate of the Fine Arts School of Bordeaux, lives and works in Toulouse, France.

«His photographic compositions, are inscribed with in the continuously renewed history of still life.

A work that mirrors modes of life, an everyday reality, illuminated by a reflexion, humanist or spiritual, upon the harmony of nature, yet always with an echo of intimacy.
A cabinet of curiosities composed of simple crafted objects and the seasonal fruits of nature.

Moments captured in a domestic universe, where photographic and pictorial matters coalesce, where silence and simplicity leave latitude for the imagination, where elementary forms recall the abstract.

It is a work that subtracts rather than adds.
It is a light, preferably a northern light.

A silent beauty, precisely orchestrated, an expression of a tranquil equilibrium between forms and materials, between fullness and emptiness, between what could be seen and what cannot be seen».

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